Forget about those wedding "should-dos"

Get excited about those elopement "could-dos"

the elopement company

so i guess it is probably time that we introduce ourselves...

We are Matt and Jodie (aka The Sassenachs). And we've got a confession to make....we f***ed up. You see, we weren't like you. We weren't brave enough to elope and we have regretted it for 11 years. Since that stupid decision, we have worked as elopement and wedding photographers and have helped couples from all over the world elope to Scotland.

Working with Jo, our amazing planning consultant (who has a background in events planning), we are here to make sure that your elopement in Scotland will be the best time of your life. Oh, and Jo did the sensible thing and eloped!

Oooh and just a wee note... that photo was taken by our wee boy who told us we had to use it.

so that's us... what about you

Our couples are true adventurers at heart, choosing experiences and memories over the pomp and ceremony that comes with a traditional wedding.

They come to Scotland seeking an elopement that's as unique and deep as their bond - far from the beaten path. These folks are dreamers, introverts and romantics, looking for more than just a wedding day; they want an experience of a lifetime. We're here to champion their vision, turning their dreams of an intimate yet grand celebration into reality and creating a lifetime of memories together. It's all about crafting a day that's as special and individual as their love story.

Are you one of our couples?

Why we do what we do

In a world where the wedding industry often puts too much focus on extravagance and what society expects, we at The Elopement Company offer couples a different way to tie the knot – a whole elopement experience that goes beyond the usual wedding day.

For too long, weddings have been all about fancy ceremonies, big parties and feeling like you have to show off on Instagram. But we believe that true celebration is about being real, close, and feeling a deep connection with your partner.

Our goal is to change the idea of what getting married is all about. For us, it is about the couple, their love and their story. We believe that this gets lost within the hoopla of a traditional wedding day. With an elopement with us, this won't happen.

We give couples a personalised elopement experience that reflects their love story perfectly. We get that weddings shouldn't be about what everyone else thinks or how much money you have to spend, but about what truly matters to the people getting married. By saying no to all the usual wedding stuff – the stress of planning, worrying about decorations, and spending loads of cash – couples can have a wedding day that's all about them, in a way that's meaningful and special.

Elopements let couples create an entire experience that feels right for them, from where they say their vows to the quiet moments they share together afterwards.

Whether it's getting married in the wild beauty of the Scottish Highlands, going on epic adventures or just enjoying being together, our elopement experiences are all about capturing the essence of love, excitement, and pure happiness.

By choosing to elope, couples are saying yes to a celebration that's true to them and making memories that go beyond what's expected – an experience that's as extraordinary and unique as their love.