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What to Wear When You Elope to Scotland: A Comprehensive Style Guide.

April 26, 2024

Deciding to What to Wear When You Elope to Scotland is a challenge… after all Scotland offers a backdrop like no other. But with such diverse landscapes comes the challenge of choosing the right attire. In this guide, we’ll explore everything from traditional Scottish garments to modern attire options, ensuring you look your best while navigating the elements. Whether you’re scaling a highland or exchanging vows in a historic Edinburgh alley, what you wear will be a big part of your elopement story.

For The Boys

For most of the guys, there are two options available.. suits or kilts.

Traditional Suits: For those who prefer a classic look, a well-tailored suit is timeless. Choose breathable fabrics like wool or tweed, which not only suit the Scottish climate but also add an element of local style. Earth tones such as greys, greens, and browns blend beautifully with Scotland’s natural palette.

Eloping to scotland in a suit

Kilts and Tartans: Opting for a kilt allows you to dive into Scottish heritage with style. Kilts are traditionally made from wool and are usually a tartan – a type of checked, patterned cloth that represents different clans. If you have Scottish ancestry, wearing your clan’s tartan is a meaningful nod to your roots. Not connected to a clan? No problem—there are many “universal” tartans that anyone can wear proudly.

Eloping to scotland in a kilt

For The Girls

Traditional Wedding Dress: A classic white wedding gown embodies elegance and purity. For a Scottish elopement, look for dresses with lace details or subtle embroidery that mimic the intricate patterns of Celtic designs.

Modern Wedding Dress: Modern gowns often feature sleek lines and minimalist designs. These dresses are perfect for a contemporary elopement where mobility and simplicity are key—think fluid silk or satin that catches the wind beautifully on a highland.

Coloured or Black Dress: Who says you must wear white? More brides are choosing coloured or even black dresses to stand out. These choices can be particularly striking against Scotland’s dramatic landscapes. Plus, they’re more forgiving if your adventurous elopement leads to a few stains!

And a veil? Not for us, is the easy answer. Veils are stunning in a controlled environment but out in the wilds of Scotland they are probably more trouble than they are worth. If you have your heart set on wearing a veil, maybe just do it for some post-ceremony shots when the location and weather conditions are optimal.

Budget Considerations: Given the potential for rugged terrain and changeable weather, consider choosing a dress that won’t break the bank. Your photographers will be panicking all day if you are trying to traverse a boggy moor in a Vivienne Westwood designer dress! There are some great sites such as Monsoon for couples in the UK or JJs House for those in the US. Or why not try eBay or Vinted for a second hand dress?

Outer Layers

When planning what you’re gonna wear for your Scottish elopement, considering both style and practicality in your outerwear choices is crucial. The often-unpredictable Scottish weather means that layers are your best friend, allowing you to adjust to changing conditions throughout the day.

Photogenic Layers: Choose outer garments that you’d be happy to be photographed in. A beautiful tartan shawl not only adds a touch of Scottish flair but also provides warmth without overpowering your main outfit. Many photographers – such as The Sassenachs – carry a range of shawls for their brides to wear. For men, a smart tweed vest can complement the rugged scenery while maintaining an elegant look. Elegant gloves, perhaps in leather or a fine knit, can also add a sophisticated touch to your ensemble.

Functional Layers: There will be moments when comfort takes precedence, especially when facing the elements directly. In these instances, a practical layer like a lightweight puffer jacket or a durable raincoat becomes essential. These items are easy to slip on and off and can be stowed away when not needed or when it’s time for photos. Choose neutral colours that blend with your overall palette to maintain some style even in less glamorous moments.

What to wear when eloping in Scotland as bride and groom tie the knot

Headwear Considerations: While a woolly hat might seem like a perfect choice for a chilly day in the Highlands, remember the potential for ‘hat hair’. Instead, consider opting for headbands or earmuffs that provide warmth without disrupting your hairstyle. Alternatively, a stylish flat cap or a beanie worn slightly back off the face can keep you warm while minimising hair disruption. And this isn’t headwear, but we 100% recommend buying some USB-charged handwarmers – these are an absolute lifesaver!

Footwear Revisited: Since footwear is so crucial, it’s worth considering having two pairs: one for the actual walking and travelling between locations (like sturdy boots or wellies), and another more photogenic pair that complements your wedding attire for the ceremony and photographs.

By choosing your layers wisely, you can ensure that you stay comfortable without compromising on style, capturing beautiful photographs while enjoying every moment of your Scottish elopement adventure, regardless of the weather.

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